London’s Top Department Stores

London’s Top Department Stores

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London is the most cosmopolitan city on earth, it’s no wonder that it’s department stores are just as illustrious as it’s people.

Follow our LUXOS guide around London of the capital’s department stores to visit.


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A visit to Harrods means stepping into the same store frequented by Oscar Wilde, Charlie Chaplin, A.A. Milan, and various members of the royal family. Founded in 1834, Harrods motto, Omnia Omnibus Ubique, meaning, “all things for all people everywhere” holds true for any shopper. Whether that means a hamper of food perfect for the lover of gourmet cuisines and picnics, or chic clothing by Burberry, Harrods has it all. With over 330 departments and personal style assistants, Harrod’s is a one-stop shopping adventure that carries world famous brands such as Valentino, Roger Vivier, Stella McCartney, La Mer, DIOR, Chloe, and Charlotte Tilbury among others.

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Liberty is a posh setting ideal for finding the perfect accessory, designer label, or print dress. Situated in a Tudor Revival building, this department store has a unique iconic feel with small interconnected wood-panelled rooms that lend an exploratory feel to the shopping experience. Although the rooms are stately and reminiscent of a bygone era, collections at Liberty are on the cutting edge of style and come from both well-established and up-and-coming designers. Shopping at Liberty is a whimsical journey into London’s world of art and fashion.

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Fortnum and Mason

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For a truly British shopping experience, stop by Fortnum and Mason. Beloved by the royal family and established in 1707, this once-small local grocery shop has grown into a large department store that offers a variety of English goods as well as difficult-to-find speciality items. With personalised picnic hampers, well-crafted homeware, and, of course, British tea, this department store (and English household name) has something for every occasion. If you feel tired after shopping, be sure to visit Fortnum and Mason’s famed tea shop–Queen Elizabeth II always drinks Earl Grey.

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Selfridge & Co

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If you want to go shopping in London, Selfridges is the perfect starting place. A British department store, Selfridges is known for it’s creative and eye-catching window displays as well as quality goods. With a variety of services and specialities, Selfridges offers collections by Gul Hurgel, Antonio Berardi, Alexander McQueen, and other world-famous designer labels. With plenty of shops, numerous restaurants, a rooftop garden, and various activities, Selfridges is a social experience. Considered to be one of the stores to originate the phrase, “the customer is always right,” Selfridges is a must-see, and shop, location in London.

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